All our polygraph examiners received their training in Forensic Psychophysiology at the American International Institute of Polygraph (AIIP, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) who is an internationally accredited training facility.All members are also in their private capacity affiliated members of the American Polygraph Association (APA) which is internationally recognized as the most renowned body on the subject of Psycho- physiological Detection of Deception by means of the polygraph. The examiners of this company are also all members of the Southern African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED).


  • Personnel about to be appointed to senior positions (better known as personnel screening)
  • Person(s) suspected of committing certain crimes / misconducts
  • Insurance companies – prevention of insurance fraud
  • Shops / Factories – loss of stock / material / equipment / money…
  • Business concerns – departmental investigations
  • Transport companies – damage to and / or loss of cargo / vehicles / cash
  • Banks – for a variety of reasons
  • Security companies – investigating loss of firearms, possible ‘inside jobs’ pertaining to certain armed robberies, burglaries and other related crimes
  • Domestic – partners being accused of adultery, relatives / friends accused of child neglect / abuse / maintenance claims
  • Anyone else seeking the truth about a specific issue
  • Anyone wishing to prove his / her innocence regarding a specific matter.